How I Got Out of My Reading Slump

48 weeks ago, I posted the first highlight in the start of a avalanche of book reviews that would be posted on my finsta (that’s an instagram for close friends only and yes, my highlight photo is indeed a fanart drawing of Draco Malfoy – all credits to gildedshivers on IG)

ANYWAYS, now that I’ve exposed myself as the trashiest person on the internet-
It was the middle of the pandemic, I was doing community college online, and my love life was so stale, I’m sure people at Trader Joe’s could smell the loneliness on me. Every time I opened my phone, there was conflict and anger and sadness in the world. While it was important for me to be educating myself on current events, it got to the point where my heart hurt so badly, I needed a break.

I was THIRSTING for any boost of serotonin – something to make my heart race and to dust away the cobwebs on my lonely heart. I’m a fiend for romance but I despise real men so I figured, why not try to delve into men written by women?

Having read every rom-com and Kdrama known to man, my mind shifted to books. Despite living two minutes away from the library, the last time I had gone was middle school and that was to eat the stale licorice they sold in the vending machines. School made reading a chore and the library a stranger to me.

But I was desperate. So I went.

It was freaking magical.

A tsunami of deja vu hit me as soon as I stepped into that quiet, calm place. (Technically, I couldn’t go IN because of covid but even just looking inside was a spiritual journey). I grabbed my YA book that I had put on hold and went home. That book was An Ember in the Ashes.


It was nice at first. Familiar. The YA blueprint that I knew and trusted. But after a quarantine of reading some top-tier fanfiction (there will be a post about this later so don’t come at me til I can defend myself), this book lacked the newness, ingenuity, and spice that I needed. It served as a good transition back into reading but, like most YA books, would serve better as a comfort read than anything else (in my personal, mediocre opinion). That being said, it will forever hold a place in my heart as the book that got me back into reading.

The next book I read was These Violent Delights, which had just been released at the time. I’ll be honest- I chose this book because it was written by a young Asian girl and I’m a young Asian girl.

While I do have my qualms with this book (I was not attracted to the male protagonist at all lol), it changed the game for me. The writing is GORGEOUS, the female lead is a badass, and the lush setting of Shanghai was new and immersive.

If An Ember in the Ashes helped me dip my feet back into the world of reading, These Violent Delights sat on me until I sank and drowned (but like in a good way). It reminded me of what it felt like to explore another universe and escape. I had forgotten that reading didn’t have to be like it was in school, that it could be fun.

And that was the start of my addiction. I read 40 books in those 2-3 months, which was a lot for me considering it had been years since I touched a book outside of school.
If you’re reading this… Oh, who am I kidding, no one is reading this lol. But on the off chance you are, and you aren’t already a reader- try it.

Reading can be fun. You don’t need to read a thick ass book like Dune or some Haruki Marukami mindf*ck just because it’ll make you look cooler. Grab that trashy book with the shirtless dude on the cover or the fantasy book you read when you were 13 with size 800 font. You don’t always need to learn.

Give yourself a break and read what your heart needs. IT’S FREE AND IT WILL GIVE YOU A GOD COMPLEX AND RESTORE UR FAITH IN MEN (maybe. kinda. probably not).

I promise in the future, posts will be slightly less ratchet than this. Now stop reading this and go read a book.

K bye lol.

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