From Finsta to Public Site That Everyone Can See

I am an avid finsta user. Whether it’s rants about misogynists on Tik Tok, photos of me I’m too embarrassed to post elsewhere, or my mediocre thoughts on books, I put it all out there.

A finsta is a fun Instagram account where you post trash memes and ugly selfies without concern because only your close friends follow you. So how does this connect to this blog?

Back when the pandemic first hit, I had enough free time to delve back into reading- something I hadn’t done recreationally since elementary school. The escapism of books, whether it was a fantastical adventure or a thought-provoking memoir, provided a haven for me in the midst of all of the injustice and tragedy going on in the world. I plowed through 40 books in three months, which may not be impressive to YOU, someone who I assume is an active reader, but for a college student who hadn’t picked up a book for fun in YEARS, I was admittedly proud.

But here’s the thing about reading –


Hot people read books. Intelligent people who are above social media read books. If people don’t know that I’m now 200% more attractive and cool because I read a 100-page novella and my favorite genre is classical literature (it’s not) then I’m only reaping half of the benefits of reading.

(side note: not that anyone is even reading this but I think if people are, they’re gonna get offended. pls keep in mind I am extremely sarcastic and do not take everything I’m saying too seriously. My sarcasm is a menachism for dealing with deep insecurity and dissatisfaction with life)

Not to mention, every time I read a book, I had a million “profound” thoughts to spill but nowhere to release them. I mean, there’s GoodReads but people on there actually READ. They won’t be impressed by my mediocre thoughts!

So I started posting on my finsta, where my fellow college-age friends who hadn’t read a book since Divergent was considered top-tier literature (we were, like, 11 okay?) could revel in the realization that they were friends with me- a READER.

As sarcastic and unfunny as I tell this story, on a serious note, I just wanted a place where I could post my thoughts on books with no pressure and where people could interact if they wanted to. I never want reading to become a chore because that’s where the love disintegrates. It happened in high school when suddenly reading was an assignment instead of a hobby. I don’t want to see it happen again.

I’m posting my book reviews and recommendations here in the hopes that maybe people will resonate with my thoughts and enjoy having someone to discuss books with. That’s it. This is a carefree, low-pressure zone (the best kind to spur creativity in my humble opinion).

So yeah. Stick around if you want. As long as you’re respectful, I’m more than happy to have you.

K bye lol.

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