Being a Wattpad Writer with 4M reads: How it Happened and What I Learned

Falling in love with Harry Styles, the mafia lord. Fake dating the alpha of the pack. Poorly written sm*t with grammatical errors. When you hear the term “Wattpad,” this is what typically comes to mind.

I started reading Wattpad when I was in middle school and while I’ve graduated from Wattpad books, I can truly say Wattpad has made a great impact on my life.

I’ve been writing since I was a kid. It’s always been that one thing- that one special talent- that I believed I was given. However, I’m shy and because my writing is something I hold so close to my heart, I never let anyone read my writing. Then at 16, I finished writing a full novel for the first time and everything changed.

I needed this to be out somewhere, not because I wanted praise but because I had poured my life and soul into this book. So I made my account and started posting anonymously.

My account was at 0 followers and I used google images and Snapchat to edit my book covers. But I knew my content was where I wanted it to be and that was what mattered most to me.

I had already written and edited my entire novel at this point so I would post multiple chapters at a time whenever I felt like it. For the first month, I had 13 views and 0 votes. Honestly, the fact that I had more than 0 views was enough for me.

Then everything changed. Somewhere between 1-2 months into posting, I logged in and was shocked to find I was at 1,000 views and my story was ranked #17 in the Teen Fiction category.


Suddenly, I was getting comments and messages from people telling me how they read my story. This secret I had held so close to my heart was being appreciated by people. I had made a story and characters, and people actually liked it!

I started taking my writing more seriously. Interacting with this account became a part of my daily life.

And here I am, 1.5 years later, with millions of readers, interactive comment sections, and almost 4,000 followers. Here are some of the lessons I’ve taken away.

  1. If you love something, it’s not stupid. Have confidence in what you’re doing. People see passion.
  2. Don’t let success kill creativity. Easier said than done but I truly believe that obsessing over perfection and success can stump creativity.
  3. People are kinder than you think. Sometimes you need to straight up ask for it but on a platform like this, people are mostly going to be encouraging.

I will publish a post giving advice to people who want to write on Wattpad.

This was honestly probably boring but I enjoy letting out my thoughts. I hope u enjoyed and make sure to subscribe for more 🙂


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